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Nationwide distribution

Based in East Yorkshire, we provide a vital service for local businesses; however, we are by no means confined to the region.

Our extensive fleet consists of:

  • 44-tonne articulated units, (Some adapted with Moffat Forklifts)
  • Urban Trailers (For restricted access with Tail Lift)
  • 26-tonne rigids, (With Tail Lift)
  • 18-tonne rigids
  • 7.5-tonne rigids

Operating throughout the United Kingdom, we offer haulage and logistical support to firms across the country, we have certainly not abandoned our roots in the world of Yorkshire transport: we provide a local service on a national scale.

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A commitment to customer service

Customer service is our priority.

We focus on the needs of each customer to ensure that the highest standard of service is achieved every time. Our goal is to provide customers with effective solutions to complex or time-sensitive logistical problems in a way that is open, friendly and constructive. We do not entertain negativity and we always work hard to find a solution. This helpful, positive approach ensures that we build long-term relationships with our clients.

Efficient, reliable service

We do not make promises unless we are able to fulfill them. Our ethos is built on trust and respect, which we have earned by consistently delivering on our promises. At H. B. Holt & Sons, we offer a fast, efficient and reliable service that gives customers control over the movement and storage of their goods.

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